• TOF-SIMS二次离子光学系统仿真研究
    中国测试刘晓旭1, 齐国臣1, 包泽民1, Stephen Clement2, 邱春玲1, 田 地1, 龙
    摘  要:为实现飞行时间二次离子质谱仪(TOF-SIMS)对二次离子束的提取并提高仪器的调试效率,采用离子光学仿真软件SIMION 8.0对TOF-SIMS二次离子光学系统进行仿真。以稳定同位素铜离子为对象,通过仿真,研究二次离子光学系统中二次离子提取系统透镜电极电压的调整对质量分辨率的影响,确定最佳透镜电极电压组合,并得到稳定同位素铜离子的仿真谱图。仿真研究表明:当初级提取电极电压为800 V、单透镜有效电极电压为-4 400 V时,质量分辨率最高。在TOF-SIMS实验平台上对铜样品靶进行实验测试,实验与仿真结果相吻合,表明设计的二次离子光学系统可用于TOF-SIMS仪器的二次离子束提取,为实验参数的选择提供参考,从而提高仪器调试效率。
    文献标志码:A       文章编号:1674-5124(2016)01-0130-04
    Simulation research of secondary ion optical system in TOF-SIMS
    LIU Xiaoxu1, QI Guochen1, BAO Zemin1, Stephen Clement2, QIU Chunling1, TIAN Di1, LONG Tao2
    (1. College of Instrumentation and Electrical Engineering,Jilin University,Changchun 130022,China;
    2. Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Science,Beijing 100037,China)
    Abstract: In order to extract secondary ion beams with TOF-SIMS and improve its commissioning efficiency, this paper has simulated the secondary ion optical system in TOF-SIMS based on ion optical simulation software SIMION 8.0. Taking stable isotopic copper ions as the study objects, this paper simulated what would happen to the mass resolution after the adjustment of electrode voltage in the secondary ion extraction system, determined the best combination of electrode voltage in lens, and obtained the simulation spectrum for stable isotopic copper ion. The study reveals that the highest mass resolution can be achieved when the voltage on the primary extraction electrode is 800 V and the voltage on the effective electrode in the einzel lens is-4 400 V. After that, experiments are conducted to test the copper sample target on a TOF-SIMS experimental platform. The results are consistent with those gained by simulation, which indicates that this system can be used for extracting secondary ion beams in TOF-SIMS and the simulation test can provide a reference selecting experimental parameters to increase the equipment commissioning efficiency.
    Keywords: TOF-SIMS; secondary ion optical system; simulation; voltages of electrodes in lens; mass resolution
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